About Us

We are dedicated to helping you make gift giving beautiful and easy.

As the oldest family owned jewelry store in Lakeland, Gaines is a treasure trove of the most exciting and unique inventory in the area. From fine jewelry finds to gifts for every occasions, this store is now serving its fourth generation of customers.    

      The store was founded in 1935 during the swell of the great depression by George L. Gaines and his humble watch repair kit. Over the years, as it relocated several times throughout the downtown area, it became much more than a watch repair store. Finally, in 1960, our current location at 112 S Tennessee Ave. was purchased. Here, the store continued to be a time honored pillar to Lakeland. In December of 2017 the family business shifted from one local family to another when it was purchased by Gina Saunders. 

     Since then, we have honored the past while working to keep this Lakeland legend alive and we believe a customer said it best when they said it is, "the perfect refresh to the classic."